BREXIT – How to become a French citizen

Fellow Brits, the people of UK has spoken…

First, we’d like to tell you how sorry we are for your loss – But there’s hope. Today, we’re giving you some piece of advice if you want to enroll in the process to become a French citizen.

Here’s simple step by step tutorial that you can follow in order to succeed in you quest of the French nationality

Who can apply to become a French citizen?

  • Any foreigner of age who’s been living on the French soil for at least 5 years. It can be reduced to 2 years if you graduated in France.
  • You must have a good knowledge of France (language, history, values of the republic)
  • Be nice & loyal to the French institutions.

Is there any Paper work to become a French citizen?

Yes !! There’s paperwork. What did you expect? You’re in France 🙂

You’ll have to fill up the CERFA 12753*01 form, also called “Demande d’acquisition de la nationalité française” >> Download PDF here.

You can find the documentation here

What to do when I complete the form ?

You must send 2 copies to the “Prefecture” of your “département”

  • 1 copy for “la sous-direction des naturalisations* »
  • 1 copy for « le service central de l’état civil* »

*If you send your application by postal mail, make sure to mention the name in the address Your request must also contain all the necessary papers listed in the documentation

Prefecture’s address :

Préfecture de la Charente
7 – 9 Rue de la Préfecture,
16000 Angoulême, France

+33 5 45 97 61 00

Préfecture de la Charente-Maritime
38 Rue Réaumur,
17000 La Rochelle, France

+33 5 46 27 43 00

What happens next ?

The decision is made by the administration which can refuse or accept – Even if you’re qualified to apply. It will take time to have the answer. Just be patient, always have your cell phone with you and be prepared for the next steps. Just make sure you know the basics of our country and everything is going to be fine.

We really hope that helped.

Wish you luck !

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